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Learn How High Blood Pressure Changed One Women's Life

There are millions of women every year who suffer from heart disease. According to the American Heart Association heart disease is the number one killer for all Americans, and stroke is the  leading cause of death. This is something that has absolutely devastated the African American community and we must take control of it now! I had a chance to sit down and speak with one of my coaching clients Telisa King. Telisa is on a mission to change the lives of women, helping them to live healthier lives. Telisa shares her story on how her life changed after she found out she had high blood pressure.

Telisa King- ID Life Rep
What is your definition of health? Telisa: I believe that being healthy is not just about being free of physical illness or disease. I believe to be completely healthy it requires 3 key elements. It includes physical, mental, and spiritual health, I believe when we connect the three that's when we are truly healthy and whole. Most of the time we only concentrate on the …