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The Truth About Breast Cancer And Black Women

There are millions of women affected by Breast Cancer every second of the day, and so many have survived and conquered this awful dreadful disease. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation 1 in 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her life time. This statistic shows the importance of  women get annual mammograms and performing self breast exams. In spite of the latest technology and more women being proactive there still remains that cold hard truth, the incidence of breast cancer increases annually among black women. Why is that? Well here are few reasons this statement still remains true. One major reason behind this is that there are so many women who have no insurance or are under insured. Because of this, it causes many women not to get mammograms or even see a physician. Other barriers include lack of access to good health care, low income or worried about the cost, and the fear of bad news. Working as an oncology nurse for years have a…