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Do You Have A Relationship With Your Doctor?

Who is on your medical team or do you even have a medical team? Working as a registered nurse I have had the opportunity to work all over the healthcare spectrum. I've worked in medical surgical, emergency medicine, intensive care units, oncology, currently as a nurse education, and even on the corner of "happy and  healthy" lol! One common thread that I notice in all the different healthcare areas are individuals who don't have a primary care physician or have even seen any doctor in a number of years for that matter. I have heard people say, "When I get sick I just go to the emergency room"which is totally an issue for the patient and a even bigger one for the pockets of the patient. I know there may be many reasons for this decision, like limited access to good healthcare, no insurance or underinsured, and one of the main reason may be not having full knowledge of the healthcare system.

I want to educate my readers on the importance of having a primary…