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When You Change Your Mind, You Will Change Your Life!!! By Lakeisha Stringfellow

Lakeisha Stringfellow- Author, Speaker, and Marketplace Mentor 
I have battled with my weight for the last 20 years. Now listen, I am only 25, so don’t try and do the math, you’ll never figure it out.  LOL! I remember having the perfect “coke bottle” shape in my younger days, but after my first son and side effects with the Depo Provera shot, all of that changed. At first, I didn’t really notice it.  But four children later, I found myself at almost a whopping 300 pounds. I was so uncomfortable and dealt with a lot of digestive issues as well as knee pain.  I am only 5’ 7” and by medical definition, I am considered ‘Morbidly Obese’.  I couldn’t even wrap my mind around that diagnosis after seeing the Gastroenterologist. My cholesterol was borderline “high”, acid reflux was trying to kill me, I had severe anxiety and depression issues.  LORD, I felt like I was dying.
At the end of 2016, I had enough.  I started to consider everything that I wanted.  All the things that God had called me …